Resin Models to present Concepts

Physical models is a good means to display ideas and conceptual prototypes. Clay, wax and paper are often used in the development of architectural and art works; here, silicon resin for automotive repairs were used in moulding the models. The resin models were further shaped and polished before some plastic and metal components were added. The final models were painted with a zebra-type pattern for the camouflage to blend into the background for both man-made structures and woods. The models were photographed with top and side views. A green cardboard was used as the background for side views to make composed photographs.

Armed Robotic Vehicles

In 1997, "Hello Japan," a TV program of cultures and technologies, aired a news segment about robots. The robots were designed for security and guardian duties. From this idea, I developed a futuristic idea of a security robots. The concept is to mount passive sensors on an electric carriage with artificial intelligence (robot) to patrol sensitive areas. Armour and armament could be added to provide some protection against the intruders in the first-line of defense. The robots could be used to for high-security facilities and at situations not suitable to employ human guards. For applications in advanced and field bases, further evaluation might be need in the idea.

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